Off grid coffee making

Espresso pots, Moka pots, or Stovetop coffee makers, call them what you will have been around a long time. Invented by an Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 the espresso pot with its iconic design became a staple in the Italian culture.
 The pot contains 3 parts or segments if you will. The bottom part in which water is poured into just bellow the small pressure relief valve.
 The middle segment or filter basket which is filled with ground coffee and of course the top segment of the pot which catches the espresso ready to be enjoyed.
 Using pressure from the heat the water is forced up through the puck of coffee grounds finally making its way up a thin stem and into the top conical of the pot where it is now espresso coffee.
 Espresso pot coffee is a rich coffee with a full body and creates full tasting notes highlighting chocolate and caramel within many blends.
Unlike machine espresso the pot does not create a crema and this is due to the fact it uses higher temperature water and less pressure to create the coffee.
So why do we rate it as the best method to make coffee out bush?
  Its simple.
When you’re out on that epic adventure, off grid and in harsh environments you’re going to want something that is near bullet proof. Dust, dirt, water ingress, constant vibrations can all take a toll on your coffee making essentials especially if they have a lot of moving parts.
The espresso pot keeps these to a minimum and is also extremely light weight.
Its also so simple to create amazing coffee. Just add water, ground coffee, a heat source and your away!
  Its fast.
Nobody wants to be waiting forever for that cup of caffeinated goodness.
Sure the espresso pot is not going to make a cup of coffee faster than putting a spoonful of instant coffee into a cup, or dangling in a coffee bag.
Depending on the temperature of water that you fill the bottom with and heat source (low to medium) awesome coffee is around 5-7 min away and thats not much slower than just boiling a billy full of water for your instant coffee.
  Coffee quality.
An espresso pot will not make you a better cup of coffee than a $10,000 dollar professional coffee machine at your favourite cafe.
What it will do though is make you a beautiful tasting, rich, strong, espresso coffee when your out bush, with minimal effort and fantastic consistency.
Not only does espresso pot coffee create amazing syrupy long blacks it’s coffee characteristics lends itself to fantastic tasting milk based coffee’s as well.
Why would you bother drinking boring, weak and bland instant coffee when for just that little extra effort you could be enjoying highly caffeinated fantastic coffee. We all spend so much of our hard earned cash getting away and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that we sometimes forget that the simple things can really make or break a trip. Good coffee is a must!
Happy and safe adventures!

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