Our Coffee

For generations our friends on the frontline, whether first responders, service men and women, hunters or outdoor adventure seekers have relied on keeping sharp, keeping focused and keeping their days energised through the love of sipping one of nature's greatest products. Coffee.

At Sheepdog Coffee Co. we have been refining our blends for years, ensuring that each and every coffee stays true to its values and beliefs.

You won't find our coffee at just any cafe.

However you will find it at specialised retailers and cafes fuelling outback travellers, outdoor adventurers and hard working Aussies. First responders homes, their stations and places of work. Sloshing around in a travel mug on the way to a call out. Packed in the back of 4x4 or a hunters rucksack on the way to some epic adventure. This is what we are all about, producing coffees to help you move forward, kick-arse and get the job done right. 

Our coffee is bold, strong and rich in flavour.

Our Response Blend has a high caffeine content, warm and rustic aroma, chocolate undertones and finishes with just a slight bite.

Our Stand-To Blend has a bold, deep, dark flavour and yet is very smooth to drink. It has broad characteristics and finishes with a clean palate.

The most highly caffeinated coffee in our range is our Immediate Action Blend. Created especially with the shift worker and first responder in mind, this coffee is super smooth, easy drinking and very light on the palate but packs one hell of a wake up punch.

Through careful blending we are able to pack more caffeine into each cup than any regular coffee blends. We do this so that our users are able to stay more responsive, sharper and know that those day shifts, night shifts, hunting expeditions or exploration will be easier to get through.

We have spent a lot of time, effort and trials in developing our coffee blends to taste as good from the day we roast them to the day you consume them. 


Because we know a lot of our customers could be packing our product for that epic month long 4x4 adventure, extended hunting trip, deployment overseas or for the busy first responders that want to know they have enough great coffee to get them through busy weeks ahead.

All our coffee is ethically sourced from some of the finest beans around the world. It is blended, roasted and packed in Australia.